Cable Peeling Tool


Cable Peeling Tools, spare parts and accessories. For a smooth and perfect peeling of the bonded extruded
outer semiconductor layer of medium voltage cables. Guarantees perfect finished peeled surfaces.
Tool range is suitable for preparing cable diameter with approx. Ø 10 mm (GB-P20) up to approx. Ø 60 mm (GB-DS2).


!!! New !!!
Hybrid Cable Peeling Tool (GB-ES1),  Ø 16 - 40 mm

The GB-ES1 peeling tool, which is driven by a cordless screwdriver, peels the conductive layer of medium voltage cables with a diameter of Ø 16-40 mm quickly, effectively and extremely homogeneously. The three guide jaws ensure optimum concentricity of the tools at all times. A spring-loaded guide jaw guarantees that even oval and curved cables are processed cleanly and with a very good peeling result. The cutting depth of the peeling knife can be adjusted via a fine adjustment. At the peeling end the tool runs out cleanly at a previously fixed stop. The minimum distance is approx. 20 mm to the settling edge.